About us

Dina Creations

What’s Dina Creations all about? This website is a creative hub filled with ideas, do-it-yourself tutorials, motherhood home truths, parenting hacks and product/book reviews. This is a space for all the mums that wants to be create and are all winging it like me. 

Read about my parenting journey. I am a big believer in creating amazing memories with your children without breaking the bank. Promoting emotional wellness and focus on how to raise emotionally resilient children while parenting gently. 

Content on this website will cover the importance of reading to children and raising emotionally intelligence kids. Discover how to communicate with your child to fill their emotional tank and meet their emotional needs. 

Latest Developments 

I have a YouTube channel which I post ”regular” videos on how to create my DIY home decor and kids crafts. Subscribe to my channel to stay up to date with my content. Dina Creations DIY’s on YouTube. 

What else is DC about? 

I work with brands who reflect the same vision and ethos in making the lives of mothers easier. I also work with companies on sponsorship and paid partnerships to give introduce products and services that will benefit you in your creative projects or parenting hacks. We also feature real mums sharing their motherhood stories and experiences in our exclusive Creative Mama Series.

For business and collaboration enquiries please email: