Welcome to my creative parenting hub. So happy that you’re here.

I’m Ayaan (founder of Dina Creations) and I’m a mum of two little ones under 6. I love sharing information with other parents. So this website is an extension of that. I love reading and I’m passionate about raising readers.

I also promote books on diversity and the emotional well-being of children. Particularly developing emotional intelligence in children and teaching them about feelings and emotions. You will also find a few self help books for parents that I find useful in the book review section.

My approach to parenting is holistic and I try and put an emphasis on reading for pleasure and emotional intelligence and resilience. I can talk all day about the benefits of reading to children from a very young age. But you can read about that on several blog posts.

What else?

Creative learning and DIY kids activities are also something you will see on this blog. I will share free printable content to use with your children. When using any of our resources, we would love to see your creative ways of using them. Just simply tag us on @dina.creations on instagram. I love getting inspired by my readers too.


On this blog I will work with brands and small businesses that I have personally used and love. I will also use Affiliate Links in book reviews, which I will state in each blog post.

I will state when I am using a paid promotion or gifted item. All opinions will always be mine and 100% honest.

If you are brand or small business that wants to work with me please email a collaboration request to info@dinacreations.com

There is no pressure to buy anything that I promote. But liking, commenting and sharing my content will help my blog to grow.

Virtual hugs x Ayaan