How To Pick Your Dream Wedding Theme

First of all, congratulations on your engagement. This is when the fun begins – picking your dream wedding theme! Don’t let the idea of planning a wedding stress you out, or feel obliged to listen to everyone else’s opinion on what your wedding should look like. Picking the right wedding theme is as important as picking the right dress! It’s what you will be seeing in all your beautiful wedding pictures. Your wedding style will be the canvas for your actual wedding day. 

Picking the right wedding theme is essential, so listen to your gut.

On that note, your decorations, venue, personality and even wedding cake will need to tie together into your dream wedding theme. So let’s get right to it and go through our top 5 tips on choosing your perfect wedding style.

Moodboard Inspiration

If you’re stuck on ideas and don’t know where to start when it comes to wedding themes. There is a world of ideas out there so don’t worry if you can’t think of a particular theme from the top of your head.

The best thing to do is to collect images of wedding pictures and inspirations. Whether you get bridal magazines from the shops and cut out images to stick on a big board to visualise. Or if you use a digital space such as Pinterest or Instagram and save images on your phone. The idea is the same – create a mood board with your favourite wedding inspiration.

Once you’ve collated all the images you love – make sure you analyse and recognise what colours and styles you’ve saved the most. For example, if most of the pictures you’ve saved or cut out are pastel colours with a lot of flowers – a favourite theme of yours might be a summer or floral themed wedding.

Time and Place

Another thing to consider, which is probably one of the most significant factors in choosing your wedding theme is the season of your wedding. Will it take place in spring, summer, autumn or winter?

Any of these seasons can be considered a wedding theme. You can keep it very simple and just go with winter or summer colours. However, you can also dig deeper and look into what colours reflect your personality best. You can also look at what colour palette suits your particular wedding season. for example, if you’re getting hitched in the winter you can keep it simple by going for a classic colour palette such as gold, silver, white and black. This is a classic and timeless wedding theme, it is also a very common wedding theme.

On the other hand, if you want to get creative you can opt a winter wedding theme filled with more dramatic tones such as deep burgundy tones and metallic golds or emerald greens. A good example of this is an Enchanted Forest theme, which will guarantee to give your wedding day that unique edge.

Another factor that could determine your ideal wedding theme, is your wedding reception venue. Think about the interior and exterior of your wedding venue. What is the basic colour scheme of the venue? Is it a modern hotel or a more traditional setting? Is your venue by the beach? If so a beach-themed wedding with soft tones of blues and gold or silver hues would be an obvious choice.

Always draw inspiration from what feels authentic to you, don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Favourite Colour

This might be one of the first things people think about when choosing their wedding theme. Your favourite colour or colour palette can be a great source of inspiration to decide your ultimate wedding decor.

When it comes to colours, remember that every primary colour and combination and be reworked and changed to different shades to suit your dream wedding theme. For example, if you’re obsessed with fuschia but can’t seem to make it match your soft colour scheme – why not change it to a rose gold or soft pink shade?

It’s important to make sure the colours you pick compliment each other as well as the wedding reception venue. The last thing you want is colours that are clashing

The Dress

Usually picking the dress comes after you’ve picked your wedding date, found your wedding location and decided on your theme. Often brides will then try to pick a dress to match all of that. However, are you are a bride that has her heart set on a dress already or perhaps is wearing a dress that has sentimental value and has been passed down in your family? Then it’s vital to think about how you can use your dress to create a personalised theme for your big day.

It’s important to consider what the elements of the dress are. Is it a modern and simplistic dress? Or is it a vintage dress with lace? If the dress is a delicate and lightweight beauty, then perhaps a whimsical or beach theme might spring to mind. However, this does depend heavily on the season of your wedding.

Your wedding style will be the canvas for your actual wedding day.


This may seem insignificant when considering your wedding style. However, if you and your partner know what kind of vibe you envision your wedding to have then it’s important to use that information when picking your wedding theme. Think about whether you want your wedding to have a very laid back feel to it. Or perhaps if you are going for a hard-core party vibe and want everyone on their feet dancing around.

Whichever way you sway, there is a wedding theme that can match that personality. For example, if you are a laid back couple and don’t want to spend a fortune on your wedding. If you’re into more DIY and crafty details, then perhaps a bohemian wedding style might be ideal. As you can see there is plenty to choose from and a lot to consider.

Remember it’s your big day – you want your wedding theme to reflect your style, not your mothers or your best friends style. Most importantly, don’t stress in the process, enjoy this time and create happy memories!