My Salah Mat Review

My Salah Mat is a prayer mat aimed at Muslim children teaching them to pray in a fun and interactive way. Prayer is the first of 5 pillars in Islam, it is an important act of worship meant to remember God and show obedience. Muslim parents normally start to give informal instructions once their childeren are visually aware of what is taking place around them. As part of our Ramadan posts we’ll be talking about My Salat Mat and how this interactive prayer mat will help spark your child’s curiosity and help them to learn about prayer through play.

Interactive activities for children are considered a key part of social and emotional learning. Since the introduction of interactive technology, there has been a massive increase in children’s level of engagement and motivation for learning. Children now use iPads, Amazon Fire Tablet For Kids and all things touch screen. As parents, we need to keep up to date with the way our children learn. Especially when we are introducing faith into their lives.

My Salat Mat proved to be a great tool when teaching my daughter the basic elements of prayer. I placed my own prayer mat next to her and asked her to copy me to make sure she followed the same steps such as placing the feet, hands and nose on the floor correctly. My Salat Mat was very responsive and the sounds were activated when the sensitive pads were touched. The bright colours and illustrations on the mat provided a guide to understand what to do.

My Salah Mat is a prayer mat designed to educate children on how to perform the Muslim prayer in a fun and enjoyable way.

Whilst praying, I will often find my daughter rushing beside me, imitating me and muddling some words. It’s adorable but very distracting as many Muslim parents will agree, so finding an educational prayer mat that helps out a little is great. We certainly didn’t have anything like this growing up!

My Salah Mat’s vision is to provide parents with the gift of prayer for their children. They have created an engaging and age-appropriate learning experience for Muslim families.

Thoughts on My Salah Mat

My first impression of My Salah Mat was that the box was very well designed and contained all the necessary information before you even opened it. The size of the prayer mat was perfect as it was not too small, it also came with a free activity book.

Benefits from using My Salah Mat

  • Increased concentration
  • Excitement to learn
  • Improved posture in prayer
  • Sense of inclusion in prayer

Touch Sensitive Technology
The prayer mat has a touch senstive technology which allows children to touch 36 keys to reveal different sounds. The pre-recorded keys reveal the sounds of the Adhan, prayer times, how to do wudu, recite surahs, say duas, and much more.

This function is activated as soon as the child stands on the prayer mat. It has also been designed with the child in mind. It has specific spaces for the child to place their feet, knees, hands, head and even their nose.

Different families around the world can enjoy using this product as it comes in various languages. My Salat Mat has been translated into 7 different languages including, English, Arabic, Urdu, Indonesian, French, Turkish, Malaysian. They’re currently working on bringing more languages to the product.

Volume Control
There are different levels of volume. It goes up to level three so you can increase the sound if needed.

My Salat Mat has been made using waterproof and fire resistant material.

Free 12 page Salah Activity Book

This activity book has been designed for children to learn about prayer. It comes with lots of pages of educational content making learning exciting.

To purchase your interactive prayer mat today, Click Here. This resourceful product makes a wonderful gift for children aged 3+ especially with Eid coming up. Use our discount code Dina10 for 10% off whilst shopping.

We hope this prayer mat will be a beneficial addition to your family’s Islamic education!