Breakfast At Tiffany’s Inspired Bridal Shower

So a few months ago I was given the task to organise a personalised bridal shower for my sister. There were a few ideas we discussed and we finally settled on a theme. Breakfast At Tiffany’s! The bride absolutely loves the movie and everything about Audrey Hepburn’s style and charitable character. It was a perfect theme. The only question now was, how was I going to bring this vision to life? I wanted to give it a unique twist and add touches of her own personality into the bridal shower. I knew that the venue would need to play a big role in exuding a classy vibe.

With a theme like Breakfast at Tifanny’s, afternoon tea was a no-brainer! After some time of visiting different locations and just not finding the right match, I finally came across Whittle Restaurant at Binswood Hall in Lemington Spa. They had a perfect restaurant section where they served afternoon tea. What more? The restaurant also provided exclusive hire for large groups. Binswood Hall’s perfect combination of Victorian charm and contemporary culinary delight was the perfect location for the bridal shower.


I fell in love with the luxurious restaurant that featured high ceilings, striking large windows and English charm. The antique gold mixed with contemporary style gave the venue a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The perfect setting for a classy bridal shower if you ask me!

There were a lot of picture perfect backdrops and long hallways. The outside of the venue was also scenic. The staff were very accommodating and helpful and I decided to book the venue. I hired the venue from 5 pm till late and asked for 50 guests to be accommodated. The restaurant staff served hot beverages and a selection of afternoon tea picks. 


The afternoon tea was a wide spread of scones, mini cheesecakes, cupcakes and vegetarian sandwiches. The English delicacies are delightful and cost £16.95 per person, which is reasonable for the experience.


The cake was the main feature of the dessert table and matched the theme perfectly. The cake was provided by a local baker in Birmingham. You can see more of her work on her Instagram



Bakes by her made these amazing marble sugar cookies. Which were all personalised and matched with the theme. You can find her work on Instagram @bakesbyher.


I wanted to keep the bridal shower favours simple and elegant and opted for the classic blue tiffany mini boxed. 50 favour boxes came flat packed and took some time to assemble. Once they were all done, I filled them with white mints and tied the boxes with white satin ribbons. Click here for the link to buy them on Amazon. 



For the novelty aspect of this themed bridal shower, I found this life-sized cardboard cut out of Audrey Hepburn. It was such a hit with the guests and people came dressed up as Audrey and took pictures with the cut-out. I also added a handwritten Welcome Mirror next to the cut out to make the occasion and personalise the event further. You can find the exact cut out I got on Amazon as well. Click here.

Credits: All photographers were taken by @foreverfotographyy